cassels & sons alchemist real aleGolden Pale Ale: “This beer was difficult to pigeonhole in terms of style. It wasn’t full of malt and sprucy hops like an APA, it wasn’t restrained and full of traditional hops like Fuggles and Goldings etc, it wasn’t light enough to be a Golden Ale where only colour matters and you get a mouthful of fizzy water. I chose APA as a happy medium category because it had sprucey hops and good hoppy characters, but also the mid-level alcohol and eminent drinkability of English Pale Ales, but then it had a lovely amber rosy colour of a Golden Ale, so it did what it said on the label. Tasted off handpull at Cassel’s in a gorgeous pint that was just a little hazy and had a good tight white collar of head. The aromas lent toward spruce cones and zesty lemons and grapefruit. Flavours of mandarins, paprika, spruce. This beer is well hopped and leaves a lovely biting bitterness leaving a finish that is mid to long leaving those zesty grapefruit characters and a strong urge for a second. Isn’t this what one wants from a beer? (yes)”

ABV: 4.6%
Source: (jimthechap)