CBD Bar a new Cassels & Sons Venture

Join CBD Bar on Facebook. A year after opening a suburban pub and restaurant to sell their beer after the earthquakes, the Cassels family is putting the finishing touches to three new central-city bars.Joe, Alasdair and Zak outside the new CBD BarFresh from their success at The Brewery on an old Woolston tannery site, the family is spending $1 million fitting out a historic Madras St building and will open its first outlet there next month.

Cassels & Sons One P.A.

Cassels & Sons One P.A Cassels & Sons 1PA 5.5%:
The name is a clue that our brewer likes to keep things simple for this super-hoppy pale ale; just one type of malt and a single hop variety are used.

Brewing Up a Storm - Kate Preece (Avenues)

Woolston brewery Cassels & Sons has turned an old tannery into a boutique pub.
"If you want to drink a bottle of beer, you've got to remember that a lot of energy's gone into making the beer and it's always fossil fuel, apart from our beer," says Zak Cassels, of Cassels & Sons brewing company. Unlike other breweries, Cassels & Sons makes its range of cask-conditioned ales, craft beers and lagers using a wood-fired kettle.

Cassels & Sons Pilsner

This beer has much in common with our Lager, but is more generously hopped. Pouring a bright golden hue beneath a pillowy white head, the aroma and palate offer an attractive honey-like sweetness, with lemony and passionfruit notes from the New Zealand hops blending with the biscuit and caramel from the malts.

Cassels & Sons Dunkel

Moa Lager (Moa Brewing Co)

moa brewing coMoa Original is a classically brewed lager created from a blend of New Zealand premium malts and Nelson hops. Fermented with traditional bottom fermenting yeast, Moa Original shows an array of smooth velvety characters on the palate but also has a refreshing floral nose.

ABV: 5.0%


Victorian shopping arcade for Woolston (The Press, 14/3 by Francesca Lee)

ARCADE PLANS: Developers hope to open The Tannery shopping arcade in Woolston this spring.
Old Victorian tanneries will become part of a new shopping precinct in Christchurch.
The $7 million Woolston shopping arcade, called The Tannery, aims to offer high fashion and art retail and will be developed by businessman Alisdair Cassels.

The Black Velvet Band

black velvet bandOften cited as being New Zealand's greatest influence on the folk rock revival, The Black Velvet Band embraces traditional and contemporary Celtic songs, original compositions and fresh interpretations of old favourites.

Sat, 07/27/2013 - 22:00

Cassels & Sons 'Beer'

Cassels & Sons BeerDescribed by brewer Nigel Mahoney as a ‘fast ale’, this modest strength pale ale is made with a proportion of wheat malt and pours a bright golden hue beneath a fluffy white head. The aroma offers honey, caramel and toasty malt notes along with herbaceous New Zealand hops (Rakau and Green Bullet).

The Tannery - Retail & Arts Emporium

Following on from the success of Cassels and Sons The Brewery at The Tannery, the Second stage of the 2 Hectare former Tannery Site is Scheduled for Completion in Mid 2012.

Lyttelton Roughhouse Revival Tour

Lyttelton Roughhouse Revival Tour


 Like new hot water brought to the surface on the Rapaki shore, the town of Lyttelton has been bubbling and literally bursting with life and especially song. 

Sweet Stout Wins Out (by Carl Hadler)

In times past, when brewing practices were not as fine-tuned as now, some people were known to add certain sweeteners to their beer. In England in the time of porters and stouts it was common to add sugar and in the late 19th century someone came up with the idea of a milk beer made from whey, lactose and hops.

Cassels & Sons Fresh Hop Ale

Cassels & Sons Brewing Co. Fresh Hop Ale

Cassels & Sons Medicinal 2012

Cassels & Sons 2012 MedicinalOn June 22 our bar 'The brewery' will have been open for exactly one year. On this day we released our seasonal Winter brew - Medicinal. Its been and extremely busy twelve months for us. From the first week we opened have we been surprised and delighted by the sheer volume of patronage.

Canterbury Award Winning Craft Beer

To celebrate Canterbury's award winning Craft Breweries success at the 2012 Brewers Guild awards... we have on our guest taps only Canterbury award winning beers!
So head on down to the Brewery and sample beers from Harrington Breweries, Wigram Brewing Company, Three Boys Brewery and Twisted Hop. Check out our video of Zak talking to Carl from Harringtons Breweries about their awards.

Back in business by Carl Hadler (The Press July 6, 2011)

With all the uncertainty and frustration caused by the earth shaking over the last nine months, it seems more people are drinking more alcohol to calm the nerves. A lot of the drinking venues in the central city are out of action, but the ones that are still open are very busy. Cassels and Sons has been working since June 2009 to open a brewery and bar on the site of the old tannery in Garlands Rd, Woolston.

Beer matters - German Dunkel - The Press 18/08/2010

Something is afoot in Christchurch that will warm the cockles of a beer drinker's heart. This story starts in a rundown part of Woolston, which in the 1880s was the industrial hub of Christchurch.

The Slice is Right (From Avenues May 2012)

Avenues Magazine Rates The Brewery's Woodfired Pizza

We targeted eateries prided for pizzas and discovered there are good slices to be found all over town.

The Brewery, Cassels & Sons, Woolston: 4.5 stars

Organic Pilsner (Mikes Organic Brewery)

mikes pilsnerCrafted in the style of a Bohemian Czech Pilsner. It pours a light straw colour and crystal clear. The beautiful fine carbonation quickly forms a dense creamy head that lasts to the last sip.  This beer is bursting with fresh zesty aroma, the New Zealand aromatic hops are proudly presented in their full glory. The grisp bitter flavour is complimented by a full malt body and rounded mouth-feel with the most amazing after taste.

Wheat (Three Boys)

Three Boys Wheat evokes ancient abbey ales, when yeasts were wild and spices instead of hops were added for bitterness.

Three Boys use genuine Belgian yeast that with the wheat malt produces the authentic frothy head, cloudiness and huge flavours sought in this wit bier (white beer) style. The addition of coriander and citrus zest really make this beer special.

The Brewery's First Birthday Bash!

Founders Day - The Brewery's First Birthday Bash!

 Come on down to the Brewery and help us celebrate our First Birthday! Featuring: Adam McGrath, Lindon Puffin, The Unfaithful Ways, Devilish Mary and the Holy Rollers...And of course your favorite Cassels & Sons Beer!

Fri, 06/22/2012 - 21:00