Hitchhikers Guide Pilsner (Eagle vs Dog)

eagle vs dog hitchhikers guide pilsnerThe first collaboration between Golden Eagle & Raindogs Brewing.

DJ Boz playing "LiquiFunktion" bridging Funk to Alternative & beyond

Born and raised in the midwest, now residing in Florida. Boz has created a genre blasting sound sure to appeal to the masses. Music is more than just Music. Genre: Progressive Trance and House Record label: Boz Productions

Thu, 08/04/2011 - 22:00

Pitch Black (Invercargill)

invercargill pitch blackIt shouts stout... deep colour and rich hints of chocolate and coffee yet dry enough to want another pint... an excellent beer to match with chocolate cake and seafood like bluff oysters. Can be served either chilled or at 10-15 º C for full hit of flavour.

Color: Black

IBU: 13.4

Hops: Pacific Gem

Amberley Pale Ale (Brew Moon)

brew moon amberley pale aleA clean nutty malt flavour and crisp hop bitterness combined with a fresh citrus hop aroma.

ABV: 4.4%

Boysencider (Out Mout)

out mout boysenciderOld Mout Boysencider is the ingenious union of refreshing apple cider with succulent boysenberry wine – creating a drink that’s the best of both worlds.

Looks: Bright translucent red
Smells: A summery burst of berries with a wee hint of cherry

Real Ale News - April 2012

kettle fireBecause we believe cask conditioned real ale is such a wonderful and undervalued part of the New Zealands craft beer scene we have decided to promote it in two ways...

Jane Wishart

jane wishart

Hey there, my name is Jane Wishart, I am a singer songwriter  from  Bay of Plenty  New Zealand. Now I am living in Christchurch and am studying  at the University of Canterbury.

Wed, 08/08/2012 - 21:00

Ginger Jerry (Wigram Brewing)

ginger jerryAnother addition to the Wigram seasonal range, Ginger Jerry has the full body of a wheat beer with the extra zing of infused ginger, honey and lemon resulting in a naturally sweet lemon ginger spice aroma. Cloudy in appearance the beer radiates with a warm rich orange hue. Brewed with a Belgium Ale yeast and low in alcohol, Ginger Jerry is a refeshing beer for all seasons.

ABV: 4%

Carlos Navae - Latin Guitar

Latin musician Carlos Navae brings his unforgettable - and very danceable - Latin sounds to Christchurch. Accompanied by his guitar, Carlos plays Latin dance classics, original compositions, and popular Latin covers. Originally from Mexico, and now based in Wellington, Carlos is popular with all types of music lovers, including people looking for somewhere to try out their salsa dance moves - come find out why!

Thu, 08/11/2011 - 16:00

LUXCITY & the Festival of Transitional Architecture

LUXCITY, the opening event for the Festival of Transitional Architecture (FESTA), is a city made from light for one night. Over 350 architecture and design students from across New Zealand are designing and constructing 16 installations that use light to create spaces for pop-up functions: bars, cafes, live music venues, theatre and a gallery. The whole of Christchurch will be invited to return to the currently vacant city centre October 20th to enjoy and experience this unique urban atmosphere.

Discovery APA (Renaissance Brewing)

renaissance discoveryWe’ll bet you can remember your first glass of Sauvignon Blanc, all those racy, up-front fruit flavours and that bracing punch of acidity. Allow us to introduce the beer world’s equivalent from the home of the world’s best Sauvignon Blanc.

Captain Cooker (Mussel Inn)

captain cookerFlagship of the Mussel Inn - brewed since 1995

Inspired by the first beer ever to be brewed in New Zealand, by Captain James Cook in 1773, the Mussel Inn version is a red brown all malt beer flavoured with the freshly picked tips of the Manuka tree and locally grown New Zealand organic hop varieties.

Ed Musik and the Burning Sensations

There is much confusion as to how the BURNING SENSATIONS were born. Some say they were born out of necessity, some say it was a Caesarian. Either way, we’ve all got BURNING SENSATIONS now, and they ain’t going away. The BURNING SENSATIONS have featured many of Christchurch’s best musicians, but the current 4-piece line-up includes BITCH DRUMMER on drums, the PERKASKINATOR on bass and BROWNTOWN BROWN on iPhone / Korg / fart noises.

Thu, 08/18/2011 - 16:15

3 Berry Cider (Sprig & Fern)

sprig and fernA mouthwatering blend of Boysenberry, Strawberry and Blackcurrants with apple cider base. Absolutely delicious!

ABV: 5.0%

Amilia Moja Benefit Concert this Saturday

With Doctors, Magic Eye, Transistors, Miniatures, Mikey Somerfield and Will Roud
Some of the very best Christchurch acts have selflessly agreed to throw a party for all yous cats in support of an orphanage in Mang'u, Kenya. Kicking the night off will be the fabulous WILL ROUD (of Coate) then MIKEY SUMMERFIELD (of The Undercurrents).

Sat, 09/24/2011 - 21:00

The Pistons

Local Honky-tonk Rockabilly band -The Pistons make their debut at The Brewery.


Thu, 12/22/2011 - 22:00

Keepin' On with Veitch & Ussher

John Ussher and Dan Veitch would like you to join them for a night of funkin’ discoid boogie-down badness.
We’ll be bringing the full spectrum of party grooves to The Brewery in Woolston on Friday the 23rd of September from 11pm till late. Keep on keepin’ on y’all.

Fri, 09/23/2011 - 23:00

Panther and the Zoo + Tono and the Finance Company

Having spent 2010 filling the ranks of more famous bands on booze-fuelled jaunts around the world, Auckland’s Panther and the Zoo have finally made their first album, and it’s “quite good”. While Graham Panther groped his way around unfamiliar buttons, knobs and pads as a touring member of the Ruby Suns, main zoo collaborator Hayden Eastmond-Mein developed multiple tambourine inflicted injuries in Lawrence Arabia’s band.

Fri, 09/02/2011 - 23:00

DJ's Messenjah and Gooba

Hey whats up everybody? My name is Kevin Thompson and I am from Lexington, Kentucky. I have been DJing for a little over 10 years. One of my friends got me into dance music and took me to my first rave in high school. After going to parties for a couples years I fell in love with the music and got into mixing records. I started out mixing happy hardcore at first because I loved the energy and the vibe it brought to a party.

Fri, 08/26/2011 - 22:30


mystery band

Top NZ band play a surprise gig. You won't be disappointed!

Sat, 08/04/2012 - 23:00

Digital IPA (Yeastie Boys)

yeastie boys digital ipaBrewed initially for export to USA. A limited amount of kegs were released in NZ as Motueka Warrior (as a part of the annual Motueka/Yakima collaboration with Liberty Brewing). The beer was then brewed for NZ, Aus and Italy under the Digital IPA label.

The Willow Page

The Willow Page, made up of Michal, Matt Bush, Vic, Andy Knopp and Jesse Hughes could well be described as a family affair. Hailing from Christchurch, where their sound was born out of musical pursuits spanning years and genres, the band describes their music as a fusion of country/folk/rock/pop. The Willow Page offers haunting yet hopeful vocals, infused with music influenced by Liam Finn, Mumford and Sons, Sufjan Stevens, Grizzly Bear and Feist.

Sat, 08/06/2011 - 22:00

Minisnap and guests

Minisnap is a side project to The Bats featuring the songs of Kaye Woodward accompanied by fellow Bats members Paul Kean and Malcolm Grant along with Marcus Winstanley from The Undercurrents.

Sat, 08/13/2011 - 22:15